The anime harem generator

What is this? was created to simplify the process of creating My Anime Harem images. The My Anime Harem images have been around the Internet for some time, and I'd be lying if I said I knew from where they originated; what there hasn't been until now - at least as far as I'm aware - is a way to populate these templates without tedious image editing which might not appeal to everybody. The purpose of is to make the process of making your anime harem simpler, and possibly even fun!

How do I do?

Simply select the template you like, then click on each slot to upload an image to place in it. When the image has finished uploading, a simple editor will open that will allow you to decide precisely which part of your uploaded image will be used. Once you have done this the image will be added to your harem, and once you're happy with the whole thing, hit the Save button, and your newly-created harem will appear as a downloadable PNG file.

Why can't I just save the harem image on screen?

The harem image that you edit is technically not an image in the traditional sense but something called a HTML5 Canvas. This is what allows you to interact with the image and edit parts of it instead of the whole; the alternative would be to continually recreate the entire image and send it back and forth between your device and the server, which would cost much greater bandwidth slowing down the process greatly. If you'd like to read more about HTML5 Canvas, click here.

I can't get it to work! uses web technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 Canvas, and jQuery 2, which while widely-supported might not work on every device or on every browser, so my apologies if this is the case and you are unable to upgrade your device or browser. The site has been tested in all major browsers. If however you feel you should be able to use the site but can't, please contact me.

Why can't you provide character images?

I did strongly consider including a character database, however creating and maintaining it would increase the size and complexity of the site tenfold, and I wanted to serve one single purpose and serve it well. There are also plenty of very well-established anime character databases and image galleries out there. In short, see the end of the previous answer.

I've seen a template I like that's not on your site.

Then please do send it to me! Try to give it a name too. While I can't guarantee that absolutely every template I get sent will be added to the site, if the image you send is of the same or a similar theme to the existing templates, then there is no reason why it wouldn't be added (unless it's ridiculously large).

What about privacy? tracks absolutely nothing about you and any images you upload are deleted shortly afterwards - otherwise they'd bung up the server!

I have other questions!